Words to Dream On

Written by: | February 11, 2015

Time flies. Period. It’s sad but oh so lovely experiencing it. I cherish every second I have with my little ladies and pray for many, many more years of this!! We get about 18 years with our kids. You already know how fast time soars by when you have...
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A Prayer for My Little Girls

Written by: | January 16, 2015

  If you are a new reader here, I wanted to give you a little background on who I am. I am a mom to four little ladies that God has entrusted to my husband and me. I feel so blessed that he picked US to be their parents,...
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Celebrating New Year’s Eve with Kids

Written by: | December 26, 2014

  It seems there is New Year’s Eve Before Kids and New Year’s Eve After Kids. For some, adding children to the mix doesn’t interfere with their social calendar. For us, it became a chosen change. Once they were old enough to have fun with us on New Year’s,...
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Traveling With Kids, From One Mom To Another

Written by: | November 21, 2014

Before writing this post, I sat down with one of my friends who travels, cross country, with three kids multiple times a year to get her perspective. I wanted to preface the post with that, because credentials! I don’t know about you, but traveling with kids can be stressful,...
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What Harvest Means To My Family

Written by: | September 25, 2014

har·vest //ˈhärvist – the consequence of an effort or activity – the season for gathering crops – the yield from plants in a single growing season – the gathering of a ripened crop – gather, as of natural products The harvest is the time when you reap what you...
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The Best Passed-Down Parenting Advice

Written by: | July 24, 2014

Once you have children, all those little things you recall hearing your parents say over, and over, and over when you were a child suddenly come back. But this time, you are saying them out of YOUR mouth directed at YOUR children! When hearing them as a child, you...
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Tips for Staying Positive While Traveling with Kids

Written by: | June 17, 2014

  Approaching the summer months, many parents set out plans to travel with their families. Traveling to me = stress if not properly planned. So, prior to the trip, I have a handful of fun activities that I have in store for the long venture. Be it two hours to the northern part...
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