Valentine's Day Kids Crafts for the Un-Crafty

It doesn’t take much to see that Pinterest is all the rage these days. But what to do if you’re an un-crafty mom like me?

Don’t worry.

I discovered a Pinterest-worthy kids card craft for Valentine’s Day that is sure to be a hit that is just as easy for those of us who are not craft masters!

Essentially, all you have to do is take a picture of your child holding their arm outstretched at an angle towards you, leaving blank space to the side so you can go in later and overlay text onto it (I like using the free photo editing tool,

Once that’s done, print the pictures, use a box cutter or similar blade to cut a small slit in the picture where your child’s fist is, then insert a small lollipop. The final product should look like this:

(For a full tutorial, read my Valentine’s Day Kids Card Pinterest Craft post).

If you have girls, I’ve also seen a lot of great (& easy!) hair crafts you can do too! Who ever thought to make hearts out of pigtails?


Regardless of what you make this Valentine’s Day, there should be a simple goal in whatever you do with your kids: make them feel loved! One book I absolutely love for doing that is “I Love You To God and Back“.

A game my kids love playing at bedtime is telling each other we love each other from one place to another, like, “I love you from the earth to the moon and back”. Well this precious bedtime prayer book, which is also illustrated beautifully, takes our bedtime ritual a step further and teaches kid not only about bedtime routines and prayer, but most importantly, the Father’s love for them!

Have you found a Valentine’s Day craft worth sharing? I’d love to hear about it below!

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