Tommy Nelson Christmas Gift Guide (tweens + teens)

christmas-gift-guide-tweens-and-teensWith all the reading choices available, it can be hard to know which books are an appropriate fit for your tween or teen. I get it! Our family has 3 children in this age category and we’ve scoured the market searching for the perfect books. We found them! The books I am recommending below are kid-friendly and parent-approved.  If you are looking for must-read books for your teen or tween, this list is for you! Check out the descriptions below for our family’s highest five recommendations.

likedLiked: Whose Approval Are You Living For? – The desire to be known and loved is instilled into us as humans. God created us with the need for human relationships. While friendships and community are important areas of fulfillment for both tweens and teens, they aren’t always sure how to make and develop these relationships. Instead of living in God’s image, they turn to seemingly easy solutions, especially social media. The author of Liked meets teens right where they are and points them toward making a long-term difference instead of a momentary sensation.

you-were-made-to-make-a-differenceYou Were Made to Make a Difference – Max Lucado hits the nail on the head for teens in this book. Addressing the desire teens have to impact the world, Lucado directs the readers to enjoy who God made them to be and reflect on the purpose He has for their lives. This book inspires teens to think beyond the box with real-life stories of people who are investing in others and loving it. Drawing from Lucado’s Outlive Your Life book, this adaptation for teens holds applications you’ll want your kiddo to follow.

dont-check-your-brains-at-the-doorDon’t Check Your Brains at the Door – My husband and I often have conversations about what it was like to be a teenager. Both of us grew up in Christian homes and attended church regularly with our families. What hurts our hearts is that so many of the people we went to school or church with have decided not to continue living the gospel with their own families. The question of why is discussed and analyzed, then we usually come back to: Your children grow up and they get to choose their beliefs. As a parent, we must model our faith and our teens must be equipped with true Biblical knowledge. This book fills that need in a succinct way.

jesus-calling-teenJesus Calling – Our family has read this devotional together for years and years. I’ve lost track of how many years we’ve read it, but the awesome thing about it? We never tire of it. Each day is a wonderful reminder of God’s love; it feels like a beautiful whisper to your heart to pause and reflect on what living with Jesus in your heart looks like every day. The teen edition of Jesus Calling with a cool cover is the perfect gift for your tween or teen this Christmas.

Jesus Today TeenJesus Today – Just as beautiful as Jesus Calling, we were thrilled to begin reading this new devotional. Also available in a cool cover, Jesus Today blankets the reader with a warm message of hope and encouragement. Perfect for teens going through an especially difficult season of life, no matter the circumstances.

And there you have it! Some great books to add to your Christmas shopping list.


What are your favorite tween/teen books to recommend?

By his grace,


Rachel Wojnarowski loves being a wife, mom to 7, author and Bible study teacher. She and her husband, Matt, enjoy caring for their busy family, whose ages span 3 to 25 years and includes a special needs daughter. In her "free time" she crochets, knits, and sews handmade clothing. Ok, not really. She enjoys running and she's a tech geek at heart. Reader, writer, speaker and dreamer, you can find Rachel at Website URL: