Three Ways to Connect with Your Boys This Summer

Looking for ways to connect with your boys this summer? Try a few activities in these simple areas of fun that boys love!
Ways to Connect with Your BoysI used to hate summer. It’s so hot and it took so much preparation to get my little ones ready to go outside…only for them to whine about the heat and want to go back inside!

Things have changed drastically as the boys have grown up and summer is such an exciting time for all of us! I’ll admit that it takes intentional planning to prevent boredom, whining, and sibling squabbles, but summer is a time when I really get to connect with my boys. It is the perfect season for all the things my boys love and we can enjoy them together.

3 Ways to Connect with Your Boys this Summer


My boys want to always be moving (except when they’re deep into a good book) and I feel better when I’m active, so we are active together in the summer! How you choose to be active with your boys depends on what everyone likes, but be open to trying activities they enjoy. In our house, tennis, running, swimming, and driveway basketball are the favorites!


Last summer, our family went hiking in the Rocky Mountains. It was something new for all of us and everyone absolutely loved it. We aren’t big on camping, but we all discovered how much we enjoy hiking and exploring new places. This summer, we’ll take that sense of adventure to Utah! Going on adventures with your boys doesn’t have to mean skydiving – just try new things and get everybody outside of their comfort zone.


While we love our time outside in the summer, my boys also love time to devour new books in the months they have away from school. They also enjoy getting creative through painting, drawing, and lots of Lego building. Part of our summer schedule includes at least 30 minutes of creative play and an hour of reading every day. I bought myself a detailed coloring book so I can be involved in creative time, too. It’s important to keep our kids physically and mentally fit and that won’t happen if they are sitting in front of a computer, video game, or TV all summer.

When this summer comes to a close, all three of my boys will be in school. The oldest is starting middle school and the youngest is starting kindergarten, which makes me all too aware of how fast the time flies when we’re raising children. I’m thankful for books like Young & Beardless that help me understand where we’re headed with these boys as they become young men and help connect them to God through our time as a family. These summers of fun and connection are cherished moments we’ll remember forever!


What are your favorite ways to connect with your boys?

Ways to Connect with Your Boys

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