The Light You Hide: Banishing Excuses

KD McCrite Guest Post

Today we are thrilled to have K.D. McCrite, author of the Confessions of April Grace series, as a guest blogger!

“No one lights a lamp and hides it in a clay jar or puts it under a bed. Instead, they put it on a stand, so that those who come in can see the light.” – Luke 8:16 NIV

Once upon a time I was the only one who believed I could become a successful author. In fact, there existed in me a knowing so deep I knew it was a calling. I never considered any other career.

My parents objected.  “You can’t do that,” they said.  I knew I could.

The man I was married to grew irritable. “You need to get a real job,” he told me often.

Writing was, and is, a lot of hard work. Often harder than “a real job”.

My friends and relatives sneered or rolled their eyes. “Are you still thinking about being a writer?”  I was not “still thinking” about it. I was doing it; I had never ceased to do it.

I had no formal training in writing, other than one class in college. I had two small children, so our finances remained tight. I had no writing space, no computer/typewriter, and I knew no other writers.  I wrote by hand for a long time, then borrowed an ancient typewriter from a friend (it had a broken key). A temporary, seasonal job helped me to earn enough money to buy a good electric typewriter.

At one point, I worked part-time in a bookstore and took my notebook with me. During breaks and at lunch, I sat with a pen and legal pad at the broken, 3-legged table in the break room, ignored the busyness and conversation around me and wrote. Armed only with ambition and zero support, a less determined person would have given up.

And yet …

I knew the only one who could stop me was myself. Ignoring the nay-sayers, frowning disapproval, and skeptical remarks, I forged ahead. With one toddler balanced in my lap and the other playing with toys or coloring books, we sat at the dining room table, and I wrote.

For eleven years, I wrote steadily, nearly every day.

I believed in me because I knew God had given me the gift and the passion. He believed in me. With enormous faith and perseverance, I stuck to my calling until I reached my goal.

So what about you? Do you have a goal or goals that seem unreachable? What “reasons” do you hide behind? Do you realize those seemingly unsurmountable obstacles can be tackled, piece by piece, until the way is clear?

Are you afraid? Success brings change, yes, but success is also growth. And failure? Well, if you never attempt to succeed, you fail by default. Fear has no place in your life, so don’t let it stop you.

Consider the children as they hear adults come up with excuses. They soon learn to get out of chores or responsibilities by announcing, “I can’t, because …”

Excuses cripple potential. The time to stop the trend is before it starts, while kids are young and teachable.

Let’s show our children how to reach our God-given potential by refusing to hide our light. It may take hard work for a long time. It may even be painful. But He does not call us without providing the strength and skill to do the necessary work.

Take your light out of the clay jar of excuses where you’ve hidden it in doubt and fear. Believe in yourself, and in the One who called you. Your potential abounds. Your reward awaits.


KDMcCriteK.D. McCrite grew up on an Ozark Mountain farm along an old dirt road, just like April Grace Reilly in the Confessions of April Grace series. She loves writing stories that make people laugh and think. For a while, she worked as a librarian, but these days she sits at her desk and makes up stories. 

Connect: @KDMcCrite