The Best Summer Devotional Books for Kids

summer devotional books for kidsThe lazy days of summer are right around the corner. Who’s excited??

Actually, if I’m honest, I’m not that excited. See, I work full time, so our days are the same whether school is in session or not. We get up in the morning, eat breakfast together, I head off to my home office, and my girls (ages 6 and 10) get down to their schoolwork. Once schoolwork is done, I let them have an hour of screen time. At noon, I take a break and we all eat lunch together and go for a 20 minute walk. Then I turn off the WiFi until they have played outside for a minimum of an hour. After that, I let them have a bit more screen time and then the WiFi is off again so that they can play Barbies or Legos or something else that’s good for their brains. (Because, you know, watching endless hours of Minecraft videos or Smelly Belly TV does nothing for brain development.)

Anyway, I tell you all that to share that I think a routine is crucial to your feeling successful this summer. Our routine doesn’t change year round, although I do sometimes let Mondays slide as a weekend recovery day. But for the most part, our routine is our routine.
If you want to start doing devotions with your kids, this summer transition is a perfect time because it will give a little structure to your mornings. I like to do ours at breakfast while everyone is eating. They’re a captive audience and they’re quiet, right?

My kids’ favorite favorite devotionals right now are the Duck Commander devos – Duck Commander Devotions for Kids and Duck Commander Happy, Happy, Happy Stories for Kids.

Written by Korie Robertson and her mom (that’s Willie’s wife and mother-in-law for you non Duck Dynasty fans), the devotions are short enough to appeal to my 6-year-old and meaty enough to appeal to my 10-year-old. I really love them because they can be digested in less time than it takes to inhale a bowl of cereal. That’s a special bonus, right?

We’ve finished DC Devos for Kids and are just starting Happy, Happy, Happy, so I’ll let you know how the kids like it. After flipping through it, I believe they are going to like it just as much as the original. The stories in Happy, Happy, Happy are longer than the devos – as many as 5-6 pages each, making them perfect for summer reading. The devos are just a two-page spread, and they are snappy and relatable with some discussion questions at the end to help kids make meaning out of the story.

I hope you can find a good devotional book your kids can look forward to reading throughout the summer. Duck Commander is a favorite, but here’s a short list of more of the best summer devotional books for kids:

  1. Duck Commander Devotions for Kids
  2. Duck Commander Happy, Happy, Happy Stories for Kids
  3. Jesus Calling for Kids
  4. Jesus Today Devotions for Kids
  5. I Can Learn to Pray
  6. Hope for Each Day
  7. I AM: 40 Reasons to Trust God
  8. Every Day is a Blessing: A Year of God’s Love


What’s your favorite family devotional book to read throughout the summer?

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