Thanksgiving Family Traditions

It’s my favorite holiday. Thanksgiving.

I love the quote, “The things you take for granted, someone else is praying for.” – Anonymous. Ouch, that stings. But what a good eye opener.

I want to make sure to teach my kids to have a heart of gratitude. Even down to the smallest of things, it’s so important to be thankful.

One of the favorite ways to remember all that we have been blessed with is The Thankfulness Tree. Many people do this in the form of a fall tree with orange and yellow leaves on it. We wanted to keep our tree up through the Christmas season so we made a Christmas tree.

We hang it at the beginning of November and add “ornaments” (round pieces of construction paper) every time we think of something we’re thankful for.

Then, after Christmas, we take it down and roll it up to keep for the following year. We look at each Thankfulness Tree to see all the blessings we’ve been given. This is a fun tradition for us to do.

Another favorite tradition is to collect signatures and notes on a table-cloth. I know, sounds weird to be writing on a fresh, white, fabric table cloth. My mom always said “DO NOT write on the table.” Well, I tell my boys on holidays only. “Please write on the table[cloth].” It’s on this tablecloth that we write our favorite memories, as well as prayers and thoughts for each other. It’s a big tradition and something we look forward to every year when we bring out the holiday tablecloth.

My boys love reading Max Lucado’s book, Thank You, God,for Blessing Me around this time of year. This is a great reminder for our children to go through the day thanking God for His many blessings.

What family traditions are your favorite?

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