Thank You God, for the Manger

Through this series of blogs, author Amy Parker is going to take us character by character through the Christmas story, highlighting the roles each of them played in bringing us the greatest Christmas Gift of all.

Thank You for the manger,
A bed made out of hay.
And thank You for the cows and sheep
That shared their food that day!

Thank You for the manger,
Your precious Christmas gift.
—A Christmas Prayer

The manger is another “extra” in the Christmas story. Just a prop in which to lay the Baby Jesus.

But I’m a firm believer that our God is a God of significance. With Him there are no accidents,
no coincidences. And I believe that the manger furthers His message of humility and sacrifice.

First, obviously, the King of Kings wasn’t born in a palace, on a throne, or even wrapped in a
royal robe. Nope, God didn’t need our earthly concepts of royalty to crown His King. He chose
one of the lowliest places—not even a dirt-floored human home, but a stable for animals—as
the first home for His Son, the Savior of the world.

Second, Jesus’s very first accommodations relied on the kindness of strangers. There was no
room in the inn, but they found shelter in the stable. And there was no bed, but I can just see
the cows and sheep standing patiently by as a little baby was placed on top of their food for the
night. Perhaps this is our first hint that having Jesus in our lives is going to require a little earthly

So, thank You for the manger. Thank You for reminding us that Your ways are not our ways.
That Your idea of royalty is not the same as ours. And that in your kingdom, the least can and
will become the greatest. And thank You for the knowledge that when we sacrifice our earthly
comforts, our heavenly rewards are much greater.

Who is a “least of these” that you may have overlooked? What can you sacrifice, what can you
give, in Jesus’s name today?

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