Thank You God, for Mary

Through this series of blogs, author Amy Parker is going to take us character by character through the Christmas story, highlighting the roles each of them played in bringing us the greatest Christmas Gift of all.

Thank You, God, for Mary.
She let faith lead the way:
“I am His servant girl,” she said.
“Let it be as you say.”

Thank You, God, for Mary,
Your precious Christmas gift.

Mary is probably the second most-celebrated star of the Christmas story. And it’s no wonder.

One night an angel shows up and tells her she’s going to have God’s Son. And Mary agrees.
There are so many elements to this that blow my mind . . . and make me want to be more like

We don’t know exactly how long it took for Mary to make up her mind, but by all accounts it
seems to be a done deal in that one visit from Gabriel. The dialogue given in the Bible is very
brief. So let’s say an hour, tops. (And I think that’s a big stretch.)

Add to that the gravity of God’s proposition to Mary. She’s young. She’s not married. And
she’s engaged to Joseph. Consider the fear of being a first-time mother (especially with such a
mysterious conception). Consider her options as an unmarried mother in her culture. Consider
the glares of a less-than-understanding community when she turns up pregnant by someone
other than Joseph. Surely Mary’s mind flashed with these scenarios.

And maybe when Gabriel said, “Don’t fear,” he was speaking to more than just the present

We all know Mary’s humble yet amazingly faithful response: “I’m God’s servant. I’ll do
whatever He says.”

She didn’t say, “Let me think about it,” “Let me sleep on it,” or even, “Let me pray about it.”
She doesn’t give excuses, and she had plenty: “I’m too young,” “I’m already engaged,” “I could
never explain this to my parents.”

Mary’s young heart immediately recognizes the pure calling of God and just. Says. Yes.

How could you be more like Mary today? How would it change your life? How would it change the world?

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