Thank You God, for Jesus!

Through this series of blogs, author Amy Parker is going to take us character by character through the Christmas story, highlighting the roles each of them played in bringing us the greatest Christmas Gift of all.

And here we are, on Christmas morning, to bring you the last, and the BEST character of the whole story: JESUS! We hope you have enjoyed this series, and we want to thank sweet Amy Parker for taking time to share it with us! We’ve loved it!

Thank You, God, for Jesus,
Your one and only Son.
A Savior sent to save the world!
Yes, Christmas had begun!

Thank You, God, for Jesus,
Your perfect Christmas gift.
—A Christmas Prayer

When God sent the King of kings, the most Royal of royals, the Savior of the world, he didn’t need purple robes, huge palaces, or royal declarations. No, this was not an earthly king, this was a heavenly King, sent to earth, “God with us,” Immanuel.

This King would be announced by angels, signaled by a star, worshiped by the wisest.

And the main characters of the Christmas story would all respond to these God signs and this newborn King with faith and humility. They recognized and responded to God’s true calling. And as a result, they’re playing a lasting role in God’s miraculous story.

When we, too, respond to the calling of God, he is able to work God signs through us and to further his story here on earth. We, like these characters, are called to humbly obey, serve, spread the news of, follow, and worship this baby born in Bethlehem—Jesus, the Savior of the world.

The One who gave His life to save each and every one of YOU.

Yes, Christmas had begun.

My Christmas prayer for us all is that we hold in our hearts the indescribable joy of the Christmas story, and accept our own roles that we are called to play in God’s miraculous story.

Be sure to check out Amy Parker’s new book, A Christmas Prayer, this holiday season. Also, check out her other titles from Tommy Nelson!