Teaching Our Children About Telling The Truth

A couple months ago I caught one of my children red-handed!  No, they didn’t have their hands in the cookie jar; they were lying to one of their siblings.  

I pulled my child aside and explained why lying was wrong.  Sometimes our children will sin and not fully understand the consequences of their actions.  It could also seem completely innocent to them, but without correction and guidance, these moments could very well form a habit of lying, and thus making it second nature for them to continue lying.  

Some important points to share with your kids regarding telling the truth:

1) We are to be like Jesus, not the devil.  The devil’s very same means one who separates or deceives.  Explain to them that when we choose to lie, we are behaving like the devil.  If they want to follow Jesus’s example, they need to tell the truth.

2) When we choose to obey, there are blessings!  God loves to bless His children.  When we choose to obey and tell the truth, God will reward them for it in His perfect time.

3) It’s not always easy.  It’s not always easy to tell the truth or even to say I’m sorry when we mess up; but God is always kind and gracious and ready to forgive!  My kids love the DVD, I Will Tell The Truth And Be Careful What I Say.  Flo learns that her words matter and when she continually lies, others stop trusting her. 

4) Our words make a difference.  What comes out of our mouths should honor God. Our words should be kind and trustworthy.  Remind your children that to have friends they must show themselves friendly and trustworthy.

5) It’s important to put others first.  Sometimes we twist the truth  because we want to get our own way or feel the best at something.  God wants us to have a heart that puts others before ourselves.

How do you teach your children the importance of honesty and trustworthiness?  Are you frustrated?  Just be faithful and pray that God would prick your children’s hearts and make them sensitive to sin.  Prayer makes a difference; just be faithful to train and teach your children and God will bring the increase!  

Deuteronomy 11:19 says, “Teach them to your children.  Talk about them when you are at home and when you are on the road, when you are going to bed and when you are getting up.”   

Traci is a curly-headed dreamer who loves her Savior, adores her best friend called Hubby, and her three children! She never knew how much she would love being at home full time with her kids, but she does (most days)! What a privilege and high calling! She loves to blog, take pictures, cook, decorate cakes, and make her home cozy and inviting! She also enjoys teaching women God’s Word through Bible studies at church and online devotions. It is her desire to glorify God through encouraging and edifying other women. It is her heart’s cry to motivate women to abide in Christ, respect their spouse, and raise their little ones to know the love of Jesus. God’s grace captivates her in such a way that she wants her life to make a difference for His glory.