Teach Your Kids to Tell the Truth: 30 Day Countdown


Did you know April 30 is National Honesty Day? I didn’t either until recently! So this month, I wanted to give you 30 tips to help keep your kids honest; consider it a countdown of sorts.

As parents, once of the most difficult tasks we’re charged with is teaching our kids the importance and value of honesty. But in order to accomplish that, we need to show them practical ways to live it out, instead of just listening to it!

So to help you in your plight, here are 30 ways to encourage your kids to walk in the ways of honesty and truth:
1. Keep them accountable for their actions
2. Listen as they speak to friends & siblings
3. Have them put a penny in a jar every time they don’t tell the ‘whole’ truth
4. Share the difference between manipulation & persuasion
5. Set a good example before them
6. Encourage them when they tell the truth in a difficult situation
7. Ask little ones if they know the difference between right and wrong
8. Explain the difference between ‘telling the truth’ and ‘being honest’
9. Talk about what it means to live an ‘honest life’
10. Discourage telling ‘fibs’
11. Role play
12. Tell them why the ‘Finders Keepers’ rule can be hurtful and dishonest
13. Praise them if they turn in a lost object
14. Pray honestly – even if that means confessing hurt or dishonesty
15. Remind them lying comes with consequences, but confession is met with forgiveness
16. Remind them there is less to ‘remember’ when they tell the truth than when they lie
17. Ask them to come up with words that contradict ‘truth’
18. As a family, search the Bible for how many times you can find the word ‘truth’
19. Draw a picture of a time when you told the truth
20. Make an acrostic using the word “TRUTH”
21. Tell a story of when you ‘did the right thing’
22. Talk about how truth is encouraged at school
23. Think of a time when a friend told you the truth, even though it may have hurt to hear
24. Explain the difference between ‘fantasy’ & ‘lying’
25. Teach the character of grace, love & mercy
26. Work on self-discipline
27. Keep encouraging Bible verses on the fridge
28. Write truth scripture on kids’ bathroom mirror
29. Memorize a verse about ‘honesty’ as a family
30. Above all, teach kids to be courageous and triumphant in their pursuit of the Truth of God!

If you really want a helpful tool to help your kids live our the principles of being honest and doing the right thing, then check out this DVD resource from Tommy Nelson:

Featuring the voice talents of my Nashville ‘neighbors’, Amy Grant & Vince Gill’, this DVD will not only engage pre-school and elementary aged children alike, but also teaches a great message, including behaving well even when nobody is watching, and the biblical lessons from the Parables of the Pharisee and the Tax Collector.

How have you taught your kids about the importance of telling the truth?

With a passion for teaching and mentoring others as her inspiration, Sami Cone began blogging in 2009 to encourage others to live their dream life and pursue their passions. A published author and seminar speaker, she draws on her experiences as a writer, editor, university professor, performer, professional athlete, and pageant winner to help women realize their full potential in life. Sami appears regularly on TV & Radio as a Frugal Expert and has been blogging for Tommy Nelson since 2010. Sami and her husband of seven years, Rick, thrive in Nashville with their two children.