Teaching Kids To Keep A Prayer Journal

Written by: | July 15, 2016

I patted the cover of my pink, soft prayer journal. It was new, fresh, and best of all – there were blank pages to fill. I sunk down in on the comfy couch where I do my morning devotions. A quiet place I love to sip a warm mug of coffee and watch the sun...
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Teaching Kids to Stand up For Their Beliefs

Written by: | June 15, 2016

How can we teach our kids to stand up for what they believe in? Depending on your child’s personality, this may look a little different. There is no such thing as a cookie cutter child. What works for one child, will not work for the next. As a mom...
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Tommy Nelson Summer Reading List for Kids

Written by: | May 30, 2016

Summer break!  It’s what our children dream about all year long.  No homework.  No major responsibilities.  Endless playing outside with friends and neighbors. But what about keeping up with reading?  Unless you have an avid book lover, getting your child to read can almost feel like pulling teeth.  Something...
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Protective Or Overprotective Parenting?

Written by: | October 9, 2015

We are constantly second guessing ourselves as parents, aren’t we?  When it comes to protecting our children, we’d do anything to shield them from pain or discomfort. But what’s too much?  When is it time to pull back and let them learn from natural consequences or step in and...
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Some Of My Biggest Challenges As A Wife And Mother

Written by: | September 25, 2015

My children are the world to me. I could not ask for three greater blessings in my life. They bring me joy most days, heartache other days, and God continually uses them to sanctify me and make me more like His Son. I remember the early newborn days when...
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Keep Calm, They Are Almost In Bed

Written by: | May 24, 2013

Sometimes we fall prey to believing the lie that we are a bad mom.  These lies are ones we create in our own mind because we’ve compared ourselves with other women.  Do you ever find yourself feeling guilty when you crave a break from your kids?  Can’t wait for...
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Teaching Our Children About Telling The Truth

Written by: | April 22, 2013

A couple months ago I caught one of my children red-handed!  No, they didn’t have their hands in the cookie jar; they were lying to one of their siblings.   I pulled my child aside and explained why lying was wrong.  Sometimes our children will sin and not fully...
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A Fun And Easy Easter Craft

Written by: | March 22, 2013

We are bombarded by holidays all throughout the year.  Bunnies take over Easter and Santa takes over Christmas. But they don’t have too!  Your kids can still have fun, yet focus on the true meaning of the day! This year our family will do Easter baskets on Saturday.  We...
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5 Ways to Show Your Kids They Are Special

Written by: | February 27, 2013

It was blustery, cold and windy out this morning in upstate, NY. All I wanted to do was stay inside, in my cozy black leggings I wore last evening to bed. But my daughter was scared to go out in the wind and snow and begged me to walk...
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Creating Meaningful Christmas Memories

Written by: | December 4, 2012

Family traditions create significant imprints on the hearts of people, especially our little ones!  Here are some creative things you might like to try with your family this Christmas season: 1.Make A Jesus Paper Chain.   Cut out 25 pieces of constructions paper with your kids.  Read the Christmas...
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