Rethinking Mother’s Day: Remembering Our Purpose

Written by: | May 9, 2018

What makes a good mother?  I constantly ask myself this without even realizing it.   As I flip through Facebook, I see all the adorable new babies being born.  Along with most birth announcements, comes the phrase, “baby and mommy are doing well.” A simple phrase, that carries a heavy...
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Teaching Your Child to Pray

Written by: | May 11, 2015

“Dear Lawd, I pray for my mommy and my daddy. I pray for Ginger (the hamster). I pray you help me sleep. I pray for all the sick people. Amen.” My sweet Sophia, barely four years old at the time, whispered this sweet prayer. There is nothing flashy about...
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Learning to Walk {on choosing a family scripture}

Written by: | February 6, 2015

“One, two, three, FOUR…. Four steps,” my husband screamed! By the sound of the cheering and screaming, you would have thought we were cheering our daughter on in her first marathon. But instead, we were counting and celebrating her first steps. Like most parents, we had cleared some of...
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A Prayer for Moms of Children with Special Needs

Written by: | January 28, 2015

When God blessed me with a child with special needs, I immediately felt unqualified and ill-equipped. There has been nothing else that has caused me to rely on the strength of the Lord like parenting. And there has been nothing that has caused me to rely on the strength...
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Prayer For A Working Mom

Written by: | January 26, 2015

  Dear Working Mom, I don’t necessarily know you, and I don’t know your exact situation. But if I could take a guess, I would say that to some extent, you are probably tired and torn. I know that on the days I go to work, I spend most...
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A Prayer for Mothering in the New Year

Written by: | January 2, 2015

As we enter the New Year, it is time for a fresh start. It’s that season where we often reflect and refocus. During a tine of the year when people resolve to lose weight, spend less, stop eating chocolate, and get out of bed earlier, what about resolving to...
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Staying Connected to God as a Busy Mom

Written by: | September 16, 2014

A few weeks ago I arose earlier than everyone else in hopes to steal some “alone time” reading my Bible. As I settled in on the couch with my hot cup of coffee and Bible, I heard the tap tap-tap of little feet making their way down the steps....
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