Trusting God For Big Things As A Family

Written by: | May 22, 2015

Webster defines faith as complete trust or confidence in someone or something. It’s a good place to be, trusting God completely when it seems the situation is bleak. With that in mind, let’s talk about car troubles and faith, because honestly, those go hand in hand, right? I’m almost...
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Appreciate God’s Creation

Written by: | April 20, 2015

The Bible begins with the account of creation, how God made something out of nothing. It wasn’t just any old thing. He created land, water, vegetation, animals, people. After each day of creative fun, He saw that it was good. Every year, around the world, there’s a little something...
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Teach Your Child To Be A Good Friend

Written by: | March 16, 2015

A friend loves at all times… Proverbs 17:17 How do you teach your child to be a good friend? Teach them to love. Simple, right? Maybe we should just stop this post right there, because that about sums it up on the single ingredient to being a good friend....
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Celebrating Your Children’s Differences

Written by: | February 4, 2015

My kids couldn’t be more different than night and day, black and white, oil and vinegar. I think you get the idea. One takes more after me, and one more after my husband. Sometimes they throw us for a loop by doing something that doesn’t resemble their parent counterpart....
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A Prayer for Missionary Moms

Written by: | January 14, 2015

  Dear Sweet Jesus, I count it an incredible opportunity that I get to raise two beautiful children while at the same time walking out our calling as a family to care for the orphan and the widow as it talks about in James 1:27. It hasn’t been easy,...
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Celebrating God’s Work In Our Lives

Written by: | December 30, 2014

The end of 2013 found me right in the middle of glass half empty syndrome. As a director of a non-profit in South Africa, all I could see at the end of a very full and hard year was where we weren’t as a ministry. When that’s all that...
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An Attitude of Gratitude

Written by: | November 25, 2014

Have you ever been at a birthday party where the birthday child opened a gift and clearly displayed that it wasn’t what they wanted? It causes you to cringe and sink into your chair, especially if it’s your own child. The action (or inaction) of displaying an attitude of...
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Trusting God In The Midst of Scary Circumstances

Written by: | October 9, 2014

Two years ago I was in Uganda on a photo assignment. We were in Northern Uganda on the Sudan border in villages that looked like your stereotypical Africa with mud huts and thatched roofs. I live in Africa, so I’m used to being around those beautiful brown-skinned children. It...
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Make Family Portraits Fun

Written by: | September 23, 2014

God designed us to live in families. They offer a sense of belonging, love, value, security, and so much more. That’s why capturing family in a photograph is a treasure. It creates nostalgia as you look back on those portraits for years to come. As a photographer, I love...
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Asking Your Kids for Forgiveness

Written by: | August 28, 2014

Forgive ~ stop feeling angry or resentful towards someone for an offense, flaw, or mistake. We’ve worked hard to teach our kids the difference between saying, “I’m sorry” and “Will you forgive me?”  They are usually quick to say they are sorry for a wrong action, but to ask...
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Parenting Is Messy

Written by: | July 15, 2014

When I was pregnant with my first-born, I was determined to be prepared. I read all the parenting books and my husband and I talked about how we were going to discipline and raise our children. I was going to love my kids, calmly teach them right and wrong...
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Why Little Girls Need Their Dads

Written by: | June 10, 2014

Recently, my daughter, Emma Grace, and I went on a lunch date. She’s never shy on things to talk about, but I still came armed with my own set of questions for her, questions about her beloved Daddy. “What’s your favorite thing about Dad?” “His sense of humor.” “What’s...
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