Delayed Appreciation

Written by: | May 20, 2013

I used to teach elementary music. I worked in the most wonderful school district with supportive administration, staff and teachers committed to the best for the kids, engaged parents, and a friendly community. It was a teacher’s dream job. Every few months, I would put together a musical program...
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Honesty is the Best Policy {For Parents, Too!}

Written by: | April 17, 2013

My son lied to me a few weeks back. It wasn’t anything “big,” but it was a lie. And it was the perfect timing to talk to him about my history with lies. I can remember quite clearly telling lies in the first grade initially to look cooler and...
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An Old Irish Blessing

Written by: | March 15, 2013

We take St. Patrick’s Day pretty seriously around our house. I come from Irish ancestors on both my mother and father’s side. My first name is Erin {Gaelic for “Ireland”}, my maiden name began with “Mc,” and we know exactly where all those relatives lived on the Emerald Isle...
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Guard Their Hearts

Written by: | February 26, 2013

The season of love has my mind focused on the hearts of my children. Keep vigilant watch over your heart; that’s where life starts. ~Proverbs 4:23 {The Message} As I read this verse in my quiet time a few weeks ago, I understood the implications for myself, but I...
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If You Do Just One Thing With Your Kids This Christmas

Written by: | December 17, 2012

It happens around November 1st for me every single year. Everyone starts sharing their favorite holiday traditions and Advent calendar ideas and recipes and…I get sucked in like a giddy child! It’s a wonder my mind doesn’t explode from Christmas idea overload. Between Pinterest and blogs and magazines, you...
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Collecting Our Blessings

Written by: | November 21, 2012

This month I have a very easy project for you that will encourage expressions of gratitude, both to God and to your own family members! This is my Blessings Box: We did this fun craft in our MOPS group a few years ago and it has been holding some...
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Small Change is Still Change

Written by: | October 23, 2012

We are still a few months away from the season of making resolutions and big changes, but for me, fall is the time of year that brings change most to my mind. It starts slowly with a leaf turning yellow here and there. A few more join in and...
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Character Without a Curriculum

Written by: | August 20, 2012

I have a degree in education. My bachelor’s degree is in music education, and just like most other education degrees, I was required to do many practicum and student teaching experiences. Throughout these experiences, I noticed a common theme amongst schools: a heavy emphasis on character education. Character Counts!...
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Have No Fear, Independence is Here!

Written by: | June 18, 2012

I have three boys. Sometimes I can’t believe God entrusted me with the job of raising THREE boys because I have absolutely no idea how their minds work! I have found, though, that He is showing me just what I need as we go. The latest challenge has to...
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Fatherly Inspiration

Written by: | June 5, 2012

Have you watched many sitcoms recently? I’ve noticed a trend in these sitcoms, specifically involving the father figures. Sitcom dads tend to be lazy, unmotivated screw-ups who can’t be counted on by their families. What a sad commentary on society’s view of fathers. And when we immerse ourselves in...
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