The ‘Right’ Way to Raise a Princess Today

Written by: | March 2, 2016

What little girl doesn’t dream about becoming a princess? The thought of tiaras, castles and gowns alone can cause internal squeals of delight. Add in the bevy of beauties Disney dazzles before our daughters on a daily basis and you can see why our little girls find a hard...
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Naming Names and Knowing God

Written by: | January 8, 2016

We take names very seriously in our house. The Hubby and I pored over the meanings and bible verses as we chose names for our three sons. We prayed, asking God to guide us in choosing each name, and He answered each time. In our dining room, a print hangs on...
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Busyness Is Not An Excuse

Written by: | August 7, 2015

  Busyness seems to rule our lives these days.  Whether you work outside the home or not, there are constant tasks that need to be done, and constant demands for our attention.  I know for myself, there are days when I climb in bed at night, and I know...
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Making Your Child’s First Bible Meaningful

Written by: | March 25, 2015

My children are pre-school aged. They can’t even read simple books yet, so it will be a little while before they will be able to read the Bible by themselves. Nevertheless, I have been thinking about the day that they are ready to pick out their first Bibles, and...
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Helping Young Children Read the Bible Purposefully

Written by: | February 23, 2015

Learning to enjoy reading the Bible at an early age is a wonderful way to develop a lifelong habit of Bible reading. When children love reading the Bible, this spurs them on to read more and to look forward to reading time. Today I wanted to share some wonderful...
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Learning to Walk {on choosing a family scripture}

Written by: | February 6, 2015

“One, two, three, FOUR…. Four steps,” my husband screamed! By the sound of the cheering and screaming, you would have thought we were cheering our daughter on in her first marathon. But instead, we were counting and celebrating her first steps. Like most parents, we had cleared some of...
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The Never Forgotten Bible

Written by: | October 22, 2014

Some Christians are blessed to have parents who raised them in church. I happen to be one of those lucky girls. My mom took me to church the first Sunday of my life.   I have fond memories of several church people and buildings in which I grew up. The...
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What the Bible Teaches about Love

Written by: | September 30, 2014

She gets off the bus and runs to me. With arms ready to wrap around my legs, I can see it in her eyes. She’s home…safe. Even though we’ll still journey down the block to our house, she’s at home next to me. I grab her backpack as we...
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5 Family Fun Ideas for Teaching Your Child the Bible

Written by: | August 15, 2014

Children often times are growing up in American churches and homes less biblically literate than previous generations.   It is so important as a parent that we are intentional about teaching our children the truth of God’s Word and guiding them to become rooted in their faith. What an amazing...
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