The Importance Of Repetition In Teaching God’s Word

Written by: | October 19, 2016

We’ve all heard that repetition is key in making something “stick” in our mind, but why? I looked to Facebook and asked some educators. Here are some things they said:  Practice and repetition serve to reinforce and solidify a skill (physical or cognitive). It creates a pathway in the...
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The Key to Helping Kids Go To Sleep Without You

Written by: | April 20, 2016

Leaving our kids is never easy. It doesn’t matter whether you’re leaving your newborn overnight for the first time or trusting your teenagers to stay home alone while you and your husband get some much needed time away together; any time you walk away from your home with your...
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Happy Book Lover’s Day!

Written by: | November 6, 2015

  Did you know that tomorrow is Book Lover’s Day?!  Oh boy, I could really get into that.  I live by the philosophy that you can never have too many books. I love, love, love to read books.  And if I don’t have time to read, I get an...
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Words to Dream On

Written by: | February 11, 2015

Time flies. Period. It’s sad but oh so lovely experiencing it. I cherish every second I have with my little ladies and pray for many, many more years of this!! We get about 18 years with our kids. You already know how fast time soars by when you have...
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Prayer: A Special Nighttime Ritual

Written by: | July 11, 2014

Motherhood crept up on me. I know I know, I had nine months to prepare for my first child. But as an only child myself, I was not exposed to a lot of babies, much less taught how to care for little ones. I followed my doctors advice and...
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A Night Night Prayer for Us ALL

Written by: | July 9, 2014

Today we are thrilled to have Amy Parker, author of  A Night Night Prayer, as a guest blogger! This month Tommy Nelson re-releases my first—and favorite—little board book, A Night Night Prayer. It has been updated with adorable alpaca art, giving a whole new look to this sweet, simple prayer....
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6 Tips to Help Little Ones Fall Asleep

Written by: | June 12, 2014

Tucking little ones in to bed at night can seem to be a herculean parenting feat. Falling asleep can be even harder to help our little ones with… We’ve all seen the victorious mother or father in television commercials or movies who turns the light switch off, only to...
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