Small Traditions with a Big Impact

Christmas for us begins the day AFTER Thanksgiving.

Here are 5 things that my husband and I have been doing the past 11+ years of marriage together. Initially without children, and now with…

  1. We kick off our Christmas festivities the day AFTER Thanksgiving. We are not one to rush things. I never want to portray that attitude to my girls. Especially when it comes to Thanksgiving. We have SO much to be thankful for! Living in the country that we live in and having a loving God, I want them to relish in the thankful attitude. The day following Thanksgiving every year, we get out our Christmas decorations, break out the Christmas music, have fun and decorate our home. Together. As a family.
  2. Each year when the season of Christmas is over, I pack away the applicable books, CD’s and DVD’s. The following year when Christmas comes around again, it’s surprise central! After reaching deep in the green and red storage tubs, it’s so much fun to see the surprise on the girls faces when they grab a book they remember reading in years past. The girls have a few Christmas titles from Gwen Ellis, such simple reading for my little ladies. Two that are great for Christmas are The Story of Christmas and Christmas Angels.
  3. Two weeks before Christmas, every year we make cookies with the great-grandparents and grandparents. It’s memories created doing this that will last a lifetime. Plus I’m sure to document every single step with pictures 🙂
  4. Every year we donate to a cause. The past few years we have gathered items for our local Veteran’s Home. We are trying to teach our children that the life we have isn’t because we are lucky. Or just because that is how life is supposed to be. We are teaching them that we have the freedoms that we do because people, like the soldiers in this Vet’s home, made sacrifices so we can have the life we have. In making those sacrifices, they have given up some of the things we think come easy. My girls and I go to the store, pick up multiple things on their “need” list, discuss what we are doing and drop things off personally. Makes a huge impact not only on my girls, but on my husband and I too.
  5. We sponsor a child that lives in Peru. A very worth while adventure for our family. Again, we can talk about how some families have and some do not. We make an effort every year to gift them extra money so they can bless their family with simple things. One year, we gifted an amount (may have seemed small to us) however, the money we gifted gave them a table and 10 chairs to go with it. 10 CHAIRS! It’s amazing how every little bit counts.

Everything we do, we try and teach our little people. 🙂 Traditions are not overlooked by little eyes. I challenge you to start some traditions of your own – whether they be small or mighty. Every little bit counts – and little eyes are watching your every move 🙂

Shannon is much more than a 7-letter name. Her life consists of three little ladies and an amazing husband of 11+ years. Outside of her blogging life at and, you can find her hovering over anything chocolate and peanut butter then running it off whenever she has a chance. Running fills her cup so she can take care of the family God has blessed her with. She is a wordy, type-A, OCD Momma who loves fashion, running, cute babies and more importantly her family and her God. {Life motto :: Phil 4:13}