Small Change is Still Change

We are still a few months away from the season of making resolutions and big changes, but for me, fall is the time of year that brings change most to my mind.

It starts slowly with a leaf turning yellow here and there. A few more join in and red joins the mix.

As a lover of fall, I notice each and every small change. Each glimpse of a new color delights me. I believe my family thinks I’m crazy as I gleefully watch the changes of fall!

This year, the autumn transformation of nature made me think of our journey through life: as people, as Christians, as parents.

Life involves change, but for me, motivation for this comes in waves. I tend to be the type to feel inspired to make adjustments in my life and go crazy trying to change everything at once. Can you relate?

I will try to better myself in multiple areas at once and expect it all to happen within a short period of time. I burn out trying to be the perfect mom, perfect wife, perfect disciple and wanting it to be immediately so.

First of all, I will never be perfect at any of them.

Secondly, becoming better in each of these areas requires change over time. Just as a tree full of leaves cannot turn from green to a beautiful deep red overnight, we cannot expect to see great change fully take root without the passage of time.

However, this is no reason to give up, because even one or two red leaves on a tree will catch my eye. Even a small change is another step along your journey.

Big change will come over time when we allow ourselves to make small changes. And these small changes will not go unnoticed. It means you are doing something. You are moving forward.

The small change of getting up a half hour earlier each day has given me more time with the Lord and, consequently, a better attitude to start my day! My family definitely notices that!

The small change of spending twenty minutes reading a devotional with your kids at bedtime will plant seeds of the Word in their hearts and open up opportunities for discussion. The Read and Share Bedtime Devotional Bible is a great one for your little ones!

Small changes in daily habits will lead to a life lived more intentionally and that is a big change worth working towards!

Erin Mohring is a follower of Jesus Christ, a doctor’s wife, and stay-at-home mom to three lively young boys. The hubby and Erin have been blissfully married for nine years. Big J is six, Little J is almost four, and Double J just joined the fam in March of 2012! She’s learning quickly about life in the world of boys – which you can follow at Home with the Boys!