Prayer: A Special Nighttime Ritual

Adorable toddler girl taking a nap in a white bed

Motherhood crept up on me.

I know I know, I had nine months to prepare for my first child. But as an only child myself, I was not exposed to a lot of babies, much less taught how to care for little ones.

I followed my doctors advice and actually didn’t read any parenting books while I was pregnant. However, the one piece of advice I received that seemed universal was to use a schedule and stick to it.

A typical Type A personality, I can now recognize (in hindsight) I may have taken this advice a little too far, not allowing anyone to vacuum around my kids while they were sleeping and even making sure they had to be at home in their cribs for their nap each afternoon.

Still, I think they turned out okay (actually, better than okay), in large part thanks to one thing: prayer.

And not just any prayer, a “special prayer” from Proverbs.

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