Our 5 Family Christmas Traditions

Christmas with kids, is a Christmas like no other. Since having our children, our December is now known as “the month we do not stop”. I’ve always enjoyed the season,but experiencing the holiday and the anticipation leading up to Christmas day has made Christmas for me, even more amazing.

As much as we like the hoopla that surrounds the holiday, we do our best to keep our Christmas Christ centered. We continually remind the kids, the meaning isn’t Santa or gifts or candy or 2 weeks off of school. Christmas is when we celebrate the birth of Jesus. Yes, we can enjoy secular activities – but the core of the holiday is (and always will be in our home) Christ.

With the season in full gear, each year there are 5 family traditions we have kept since having kids. These are family activities that each child can participate in, regardless of age and things we can do together even as they grow old.

Our 5 Family Christmas Traditions

Hot Cocoa and Christmas Lights

We load up the car, turn up the Christmas music and head to Starbucks. Everyone gets their favorite hot cocoa or coffee drink and then we are off to look at Christmas lights.

Angel Tree

Each year we participate with an Angel from the Angel Tree. We include the kids in purchasing gifts for the angels and talk about giving back.

New PJs on Christmas Eve

The kids get to open one present on Christmas eve which is inevitably new PJs.

Christmas Story on Christmas Eve

On Christmas eve, before tucking the kids in we read the Christmas Story. (Check out Read and Share: The Christmas Story)

Jesus’ Birthday Cake

What kid doesn’t love cake first thing in the morning?? Our kids wake up to a birthday celebration for Jesus on Christmas morning. We do the birthday song and talk about why we celebrate Christmas.

There is nothing better than finding quality time to spend as a family in celebration of our Lord’s birth.

Merry Christmas to you and yours!
What Are Your Family’s Christmas Traditions?

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