Oh, How I Adore Spring

If I were a season I’d, without a doubt, be Spring. I love everything about spring. The flower and trees that bloom in bright, gorgeous colors. The dazzling green color the grass turns after the first spring shower. The warmer temperature that pull us out of sweaters and scarves and into cute spring dresses, comfortable shorts and sandals that allow our toes to breath again.

And right smack is the middle of spring comes Easter, and Glory be to God I can finally pull my white pants out again… maybe that is just a southern clothing etiquette faux pas… but down south white pants can only be worn from Easter to Labor Day. White is my favorite spring/summer color. Doesn’t matter if it’s white pants, shorts or skirt, I, mother to three cute, but perpetually dirty boys, love to wear white.

Now back to Easter… what a beautiful holiday we have the opportunity to celebrate. Growing up we always celebrated Easter with a service at our church then traveled to my grandparents house for a delicious (my grandma could cook) ham lunch with all the aunts and uncles followed by an Easter egg hunt with all the cousins in her yard, which was peppered with gooseberry bushes.

Here I am just a few years later with a family of my own. I always imagined we’d have the traditional Easter celebration with our family… but I didn’t foresee marrying a pastor. In a pastor’s home Easter looks a little different. First off, Dad is doing 9 services on Easter weekend so to say he’s a little checked out on Sunday afternoon would be an understatement. He’s “stick a fork in him, he’s done” done by Sunday evening.

Before we had children, it really wasn’t a big deal, but we all know once kids come in the picture things change a bit. Once our kids grew old enough to enjoy Easter celebrations we, as parents, made a conscious effort to do all of our discussion of Easter and read the crucifixion and resurrection story from our children’s bible all before Easter weekend actually happens. It builds excitement for the whole family knowing that we’re part of a church leading people to celebrate the greatest gift they’ll ever receive. Plus we want to share our excitement of celebrating Easter with our kids before we share it with anyone else. We want to make sure we’re at the top of our game when we tell them the truth of Christ’s resurrection. We want to make sure they’re not getting our leftovers.

And no worries, we fit in the traditional lunch and follow it with an Easter egg hunt in the yard…we just make sure we take care of the really important stuff as a family while Dad is still at the top of his game.

Our kids will have Easter memories and they’ll look a little different than the memories I have of childhood Easters. But that’s okay, because our true focus in making sure they know why we have chosen to dedicate our lives to sharing the most precious story of all time.

Brandi is a wife to Pete and a mom to Jett, Gage, and Brewer. Her life is truly “Brandi & Boys.” Brandi has been a pastor’s wife for almost 15 years. She and her husband planted Cross Point Church in Nashville, Tennessee in 2002. Brandi has a heart for women in ministry and co-leads a ministry for pastors’ wives at LeadingandLovingIt.com. Brandi loves to be organized, but hates to clean and ice cream is her favorite food.