Nighttime Comforts of Rhymes and Rhythm

rhymes and rhythms

Can you recall your favorite story read each night? Perhaps you remember a certain book read by a devoted parent who had memorized almost every word? Many adults can! The beauty of a bedtime book is well-known and well-loved  and often follows us into our adult years.

What makes reading a book at bedtime so wonderful and comforting? Is it the characters who function so admirably? The unforgettable story endings? Or the soothing voice that sounds from a loving parent? All of those are wonderful reasons to enjoy a book at bedtime. But while all of those are important, for younger children, alliteration and rhyming of simple words are a great source of comfort and enjoyment.

I’m blogging about how rhyming and alliteration add to the comfort of bedtime stories over on Faithgateway today. Join us!

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