Love Boxes

I love Valentine’s Day, or maybe I should say Valentine’s week, because that’s what it is in our house. Several years ago, we started making Valentine’s mailboxes the week or two before Valentine’s Day. It’s one of those traditions that has stuck in our house.

Here’s why I love this little tradition…

– It gives us a craft project to do together and we have loads of fun doing it.

– There’s an excitement to see what makes its way into the box.

– And my favorite…my kids write encouraging notes to each other almost everyday. They get more excited about receiving a sweet note from their sibling rather than any goodie Mama puts in there.

Pleasant words are a honeycomb, sweet to the soul and healing to the bones. Proverbs 16:24

Teaching kids to encourage and love each other should happen more than once a year, but I think it’s so important to provide outlets for them to apply what they’re learning. Making mailboxes for Valentine’s Day is one way to do that!

Need a simple mailbox crafting idea? Here’s my favorite mailboxes we’ve made to date…

Valentine’s Mailboxes

Supply List

64 skill sticks (available at craft stores)
5 wooden knobs with a flat bottom (also available at craft stores)
decorating accessories


1. Lay out 11 sticks and glue 3 across to hold them in place. Make a second one of these. One will serve as your top piece and one as your bottom.

2. Make 9 rows of sticks on all 4 sides by interlocking the sticks together. You are building your “box.”

3. Glue “box” to bottom piece. Glue 4 knobs to bottom piece to make legs and one knob to top piece to easily lift the lid.

4. Paint your box. This can also be done before interlocking sticks, depending on your preference.

5. Add your decorating accessories!

Do you celebrate Valentine’s Day? If so, how do you celebrate?

Some great Tommy Nelson resources for this holiday of love are I Love You No Matter What and I Love You to God and Back. Whatever your celebrations may, or may not be, every time is the perfect time to talk about God’s love and show it to our kids.

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