Life Isn't Fair

We have this beautiful print hanging in our home…

I love everything about it, but especially the message.

“God is good all the time.”

I need that reminder often, but sometimes I worry that it gives the wrong impression to our kiddos.

WE understand that God is good all the time because, as adults and more mature Christians, we know that there is a plan bigger than what we can see.

But what about our little ones? What about children and teenagers hearing about God for the first time?

It is SO important for us to help them understand that GOD IS good all the time.

But it is also important to help them understand that life isn’t always fair – whether we know God or not.

I was thinking about this as Big J {our five-year-old} was throwing up one night. We prayed that God would help calm his tummy, to which he responded “Now I don’t need the bucket anymore.”

Imagine the sadness on his face when he DID need that bucket just a half hour later.

He believed with all of his heart that God was immediately going to calm his upset stomach because we prayed to Him. I love to see that faith. I want to be more like that.

But I also need to be there when his expectations aren’t met to help him understand that God is still good, but, because of the evil in this world, things will not always go the way we think they should.

I worry about the seeds of doubt that are planted when children ONLY hear “God is good all the time,” and never hear that it doesn’t mean our life will be all sunshine and roses.

Our job as parents is not to give our children blanket one-sided statements about God to memorize, but to walk alongside our children to answer questions as faith unfolds in real life – good and bad.

When a good friend of ours died earlier this year, I struggled with the very goodness of God – I believed our friend would be healed. I had a hard time singing about the goodness of God during that time.

Big J saw me tear up when one of those songs came on the radio and wondered what was wrong. It might be a heavy subject for a five-year-old, but it was very important for me to be honest with him in that moment.

I talked about my sadness and other feelings. But I also told him how happy I was our friend was with Jesus. It was a moment of sharing about the difference between a “good life” here on earth and God’s GREAT plan for each of us that know Him.

God IS good all the time, but life isn’t always “fair” – it wasn’t for Jesus, it isn’t for us.


How do you teach your children about the goodness of God in a fallen world?

Erin Mohring is a follower of Jesus Christ, wife of a med student and stay-at-home mom to two lively young boys. The hubby and Erin have been blissfully married for eight years. Big J is five and Little J is almost three. She’s learning quickly about the world of boys – which you can follow at Home with the Boys!