Letting Go

Today’s post is from author Kathleen Fuller. Kathleen is an Amish fiction writer, and we have published many of her titles, from her Adult Amish Fiction to her Mysteries of Middlefield Series for teens! Check out all of here titles here!

Letting Go

When I was 15 I had an opportunity to travel to England with my Grandmother and cousin. Although I would stay with my aunt in the small town of Wigan and I would be supervised by my grandmother and always in the company of my cousin Lisa, I could see that my mother had a little trepidation about letting me go. But I had a wonderful and exciting time, memories I still cherish today.

When I was 19 I had another opportunity to go to Europe for six weeks as an exchange student. Again, I was allowed to go, but even though I was older, I imagine it wasn’t any easier for her to let me leave the safety of home at 19 than it was at 15.  And at age 26, pregnant with my first child, my mother had to let me go for the last time when my husband and I moved from Arkansas to Ohio. That moment was the hardest—saying goodbye, knowing the next time she would see me would be when my son was born.

As the parent of three teenagers (17,15, and 13), I look back at those times and applaud my mother for having the strength and courage to let me go. I think we have a tendency to hold our children too closely, to try to protect them from all the dangers in the world. But when I was growing up in the 80s, there were dangers, too. Danger has been with us since the world began. My mother and father’s ability to let go gave me those enriching experiences that taught me independence and a reliance on the Lord.

I can’t say it’s easy to let my children go, just as I’m sure it wasn’t easy for my parents. But when we allow our children to explore their independence, to step away from the cocoon of home and experience the world, we also learn to trust. We trust that we’ve raised them to the best of our ability. We trust that God will watch over them, because he loves our children more than we do. And our children learn to trust themselves, their judgment, and learn first hand about leaning on the Lord.