Kids Question of the Week: Can I Believe in Science and Still Believe in God?

Here this week is author Kathryn Slattery! Her book, If I Could Ask God Anything, is a unique kid-friendly book jam-packed with clear, fresh answers to important questions about God, faith, prayer, and Christianity in language that children can understand. Kathryn has been so nice to answer some of the most popular questions for us right here on the blog! Today, she’s answering a big question!

Can I Believe in Science and Still Believe in God?

What a great question!

Yes, you can believe in science and still believe in God.

It is helpful to remember that the Bible was not written by modern-day scientists.

The Bible was written thousands of years ago by men of faith. In fact, when the Bible was written, science as we know it didn’t even exist! When the Bible was written, people didn’t know that our planet Earth is like a beautiful blue marble, spinning in the darkness of space. People didn’t know that an invisible force called gravity is what causes objects to fall to the ground. People didn’t know that diseases are caused by tiny, squiggly germs and viruses that can only be seen with a microscope. In fact, the microscope would not be invented for thousands of years!

God created the universe. Science is the ongoing effort of human beings to understand how God’s creation works.

Dr. Francis S. Collins, MD, PhD. is the director of the National Human Genome Research Institute at the National Institutes of Health. Dr. Collins is a brilliant scientist. He is also a man of faith who loves Jesus. He says, “I see no conflict in what the Bible tells me about God and what science tells me about nature.”

I have a friend who is a fifth-grade science teacher. She is also a person of faith who loves Jesus. “When I look at a rainbow,” she says, “science tells me that I am looking at white light hitting water droplets suspended in the air. Science tells me that the rainbow is caused by the light breaking up into a spectrum of seven colors. But being a person of faith, I can also say, ‘Thank You, God, for creating such a beautiful rainbow!’ I remember the Bible story of Noah’s ark and appreciate the rainbow as a symbol of God’s love” (Genesis 9:16).

Science can tell you what life is made of. But science cannot tell you what life is for. Only God, Who loves you, can do that.

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