July 4th Family Traditions

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The 4th of July is almost here and we’re really looking forward to the festivities it brings.

From parades to fireworks and homemade ice cream. It’s all wonderful, isn’t it?

However, a couple of years ago I got to thinking, “Am I teaching my boys the REAL meaning of July 4th? Do they really understand what this holiday is about?” Sure, the picnics and red, white, and blue popsicles are great, but what do they really know about our country and the Founding Fathers?

I began to implement and plan our July 4th family traditions in a different way. Sure, we could enjoy the goodies the day brings, but we were going to have a little history lesson in there as well. What does it look like?

First, we have a festive breakfast. I make red, white, and blue pancakes (I use blue and red food coloring for the pancakes that aren’t white).

Then, we read a few books that make the holiday truly come alive for the boys. We also enjoy reading to them from The American Patriot’s Bible.

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