How Not to Confuse Your Child on Easter

not to confuse your child on easter

Somewhere in the Bible it says a huge oversize rabbit hops from house to house sneaking in your front door laying plastic eggs and leaving your child baskets full of candy – all in honor of Jesus’ resurrection.

Oh, maybe that’s not the story.

Have you been to the store lately? The grocery aisles are filling up with candy, stuffed rabbits, plastic grass and Easter baskets. With my little ones in the cart, we can’t help but pass right by the aisle of Easter insanity. My kids’ go crazy as soon as they get a whiff of the sugar that you can’t help but smell it. Who wouldn’t want all of that chocolate??

On Sundays we go to church. My kids learn about Jesus. They are told of His resurrection and how He died for our sins and that we celebrate Easter in honor of these events.

Wait… Easter equals chocolate and Jesus? What is a little mind to think!!

While God created both Jesus and chocolate – those are two things that can be confusing in the context of teaching your child about Easter. It’s our responsibility as parents to help our children understand fact from fiction. With so many mixed messages, find a good balance in explaining secular Easter and the actual meaning of Easter. I’m not saying deprive your child of chocolate, but do help them understand why Easter is significant.

Check out the book, The Story of Easter. This is a great bedtime read. Encourage your children to ask questions. Be thorough in explaining why Easter is such an important holiday, but try not to confuse the message of Christ’s death and resurrection with a oversized rabbit leaving candy in a basket.

How Do You Explain Easter to Your Children?

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