Heavenly Father & Earthly Fathers

heavenly father
source: enigma photos

A father is tender and kind to his children. Psalm 103:13

My Daddy has given me a great example of what my Heavenly Father must be like. He is kind, tender, loving and giving to his children (that would be my brother and me!).

My husband does the same for our children. He loves, laughs and works hard for his children.

Many people have a hard time understanding how God could be a father when their own father isn’t so fabulous. It’s not that God is like our fathers. It’s that when our dads are at their best they are just a little bit like our Heavenly Father. Isn’t that a great thought? If my dad and my husband are only a tiny percent like God–wow! How much does God love me?!

Father’s Day is the perfect day to make a craft, buy a card, read a book (like this sweet Thank You God, for Daddy!) or make a meal to honor the special dads in our kids’ lives. I think it’s also a perfect opportunity to remind our children that God is our Heavenly Father. I want my kids to know that intense love for their dad and then have the same feeling toward their Heavenly Father. I want them to know that God’s great love is freely given to us so we can be his children! (1 John 3:1)

So, as we’re writing Father’s Day cards, making crafts for grandpas and whipping up a gift for the uncles, we’re going to think of Scriptures to include to thank your dads for loving us the way our Heavenly Father does…

Thank you for being faithful to our family like God is faithful to us! (Psalm 57:10)

Thank you for forgiving us when we do wrong, just like God forgives us! (Ephesians 4:32)

Thank you for always loving me! (Psalm 136:1)

Thank you for protecting our family! (Psalm 121:7-8)

Thank you for taking care of us like a loving Shepherd! (Isaiah 40:11)

Give your dads the best compliment this Father’s Day–let them know how they point you to Jesus!

Amanda is a stay-at-home mom of two who blogs at OhAmanda.com and Impress Your Kids. In her former life, Amanda was a Children’s Pastor — overseeing, organizing and developing ministry for kids in nursery through middle school, but now that she is a mom, her “skills” are used up on her kids!