"Hand" Made for Christmas!

Today, we have Printoons creator Paula Alflen on the blog, sharing with you one of her favorite Christmas crafts! Printoons are unique characters created with your own fingerprints because no two fingerprints are alike. Children from ages 5 and up can create fun and wild artwork that is special like them just by using their ink fingerprints and a few simple lines drawn with a pen to create various characters in the stories. Check out our David and Goliath kit, our Noah’s Ark kit, and our Nativity kit!

“Hand” Made for Christmas

I started making handmade gifts for Christmas presents when I was 5 years old. This is a tradition that I have passed on to my own children. Handmade gifts are a wonderful way for kids to be engaged in the holiday preparations and a great way for them to learn the joy of giving. Of course I think fingerprints are especially meaningful as a part of a crafted gift. Since no two fingerprints have ever been found alike in history, relatives especially cherish this one-of-a-kind gift. I would like to share an idea for Fingerprint Snowman Ornaments that we made when my youngest daughter was a baby.  We painted a few boxes of them and gave them to all of our family and friends. They have become more cherished throughout the years!

Fingerprint Snowman Ornaments


Matte finish glass bulbs (darker colors work best)

White Acrylic paint-flat

Black Acrylic paint-glossy

Orange Acrylic paint


Sponge (small piece)


Paper plates

Tiny snowflake stamp, if available


Paint Pen

Working with your children one at a time, dip their finger into the white paint that has been spread thinly on a paper plate. Have the oldest child place one thumbprint toward the bottom of each bulb and then place one back in the box holder to dry. Work with your children individually as they “build a snowman” one fingerprint at a time on the bulbs. Your snowman will have as many snowballs as you have children. However, if you have a large family, you can build more snowmen on each bulb instead of just one very tall guy. If you have a baby, you might want to use their toe print for the head if you think they might try to put their painted finger in their mouth. Also, each child can build their own snowman if you want them to decorate all the way around the bulb. Have fun with this!

When the snowmen are dry, either a parent or an older child can add the details such as:

Sponge paint “snow” under the snowman

Stamp or paint snowflakes

Using the toothpick paint a carrot nose, use another toothpick to paint dots for the eyes, mouth, button, and twig arms

Paint a top hat with your small brush and even a scarf if you are feeling steady-handed

Tie with a pretty ribbon through the top

Write the family name and year with a paint pen

P.S. I also made extra Fingerprint Snowman Ornaments that I have packed safely away to be given to my daughters when they move away and have their own Christmas tree!