God: The Ultimate Detective

Sharing with us today is Paula Alflen, creator of Printoons. Check our the Printoons kits we provide: Noah’s Ark, David and Goliath, and Nativity.

God: The Ultimate Detective

Many children may hope to have an exciting career as a detective some day. It is intriguing that detectives can solve crimes and seem to know special techniques to track humans. One tool a detective is skilled in using is fingerprint identication. The way the lines and whorls look on ngertips are unique to each individual and will never change throughout a lifetime. If you have a cut or scrape that is not very deep, your fingerprint will heal to the original pattern. Even if we have a deep cut, a computer can figure out what our original fingerprint looked like. The only way a fingerprint can be lost is if the finger is deeply and severely burned.

There are three different patterns that form on the tips of our fingers, called “minute’. The branching & endings of these little lines can form patterns such as loop, arch or whorl:

Fingerprints were first used to fight crime in Europe about 150 years ago. Detectives can analyze and copy fingerprints left behind at a crime scene and match them with suspects. The type of prints we make with ink are old-fashioned. Detectives do not use ink anymore. Today, fingerprints are taken and analyzed by high tech methods using computers and digital pictures.

What a miracle that in many billions of human and computer comparisons, there have never been 2 fingerprints from different fingers that have been found completely identical!

Fingerprint Lifting Activity

Have your child scribble with a #2 pencil on a sheet of paper to form a solid little rectangle. Then have them place their pointer finger on the colored rectangle and rub until the fingerprint area turns gray. Place the sticky side of a piece of clear tape on the pointer fingertip over the pencil color and see that the print will be transferred to the tape. Place the tape on a piece of white paper to see the print clearly. Compare the transferred print to the minute’ examples above to determine the shape.
Fun detective work!

The Ultimate Detective

Imagine how amazing it is that we have a God who not only made us, but knows everything about us. The miracle of the fingerprint could possibly be one way God knows us by name. The Bible says “God even knows how many hairs are on your head” Matthew 10:30 ICB. Not only does He know all about us physically, but He also knows our needs even before we ask. Psalms 139:23 ICB states, “God examine me and know my heart. Test me and know my thoughts.” He doesn’t need a computer or a lie detector machine – God is the Ultimate Detective!