Get in the Word

Hotel Bible Reading
Me with my number one routine... even in a hotel on vacation

10 years ago I became a mom and I am still trying to get the hang of it.

It seems that once I begin to understand one stage, it is time to move onto the next and I have to start learning again from scratch. And every time I try to come up with a new chore chart, behavior system or even a simple routine to-do list, something changes. It’s enough to make a girl who craves routine (like me) want to lose it sometimes!

There has been one routine I put in place years ago that has stuck… and that one has helped me to make it through the craziness of being a mom of three young kids (plus a couple of foreign exchange students through the years).

I make it a point to spend some time in the Word every day. Sometimes I carry out ambitious Bible reading plans (like reading it all in 90 days) and sometimes I take a leisurely stroll (like a Bible in a year plan or expanding on the verses in a topical study).

No matter the plan, I just make sure I am reading something and listening somehow.

By immersing myself in the Word daily, I am reminded to call out to Him for help when I need it. I am reminded that I was created to do just what I am doing. And I am reminded the He loves me even through all of my mistakes.

Keeping all of this in mind helps me as I parent my children. We don’t have a formal study plan as a family, but we do talk about Jesus regularly. In making the commitment to really read and pray every single day, I am filling my heart and mind with Bible stories and wisdom I can apply to my life and, in turn share with my children.

Keeping this routine is not always easy. My intent is to start the day by reading my Bible, but that doesn’t always happen. Just like every other mom, sometimes the kids need me earlier than I would like and sometimes I know I need to sleep a little later (if I can!). But I try my best to make sure it happens every day.

When the day doesn’t start off with me reading my Bible, I make it a point to do it before I do anything else that may be optional… that means before checking email, before blogging and before any other housework.

If it is a day that I just cannot get to it for whatever reason, I carry my Bible with me or I access an online one and will spend some focused quiet time reading and praying somewhere before the day is finished. And yes, sometimes that happens right before I fall into bed.

So how can you apply this routine to your life?
First, find a Bible plan that will be our backup plan no matter what.
I use this Bible in a Year plan as my back up. You can jump in and start this plan anytime (today even, if you like) and it will always be there for you.

If that plan works for you, stick with it. If not, pray and ask God to show you the plan that is right for you. While you are waiting for an answer, though, go ahead and use the one I suggested to get you on the right track.

Once you make daily Bible reading your number one routine, you’ll see how He will carry you through the rest of your days. And you will find yourself learning more, sharing more, and living the life God has set for you, one step at a time.

I am so thankful I put in to place one routine that I have been able to carry all these years, though. Without it, I would be in BIG trouble!

Do you also read the Bible routinely? How do make sure to fit it in everyday?

Amy is the Mom behind both Mom’s Toolbox and Mom’s Travel Tales. She is a world traveler — in heart, body, and prayer and enjoys sharing her experiences with others. She regularly hosts the Bible in 90 Days read-along. A mother of three young children, Amy writes to equip moms with tools for success whether at home, abroad or in between.