Creating Meaningful Christmas Memories

Family traditions create significant imprints on the hearts of people, especially our little ones!  Here are some creative things you might like to try with your family this Christmas season:
1.Make A Jesus Paper Chain.  
Cut out 25 pieces of constructions paper with your kids.  Read the Christmas Story from Luke 2.  Write down key points onto those pieces of paper.  String them together in a long chain and rip one off each day leading up to Christmas!
2.Give Toys Away. 
Encourage your children to give away some toys they no longer use or play with to another child in need.  Teach them the valuable lesson, to give is better than to receive.  
3.The Tree. 
Decorate your Christmas tree as a family while you sing your favorite Christmas songs.
4.Light Candles At Dinner Time.
For the month of December, light candles at dinner time and talk about how Jesus is the light of the world! (John 8:12)
5.Hot Cocoa Bar & Movie Night.
Set up a hot cocoa bar.  Fill bowls with marshmallows, candy canes, and other fun treats.  Have your children pick and choose what they want to add to their hot cocoa.  Then pop in your family’s favorite Christmas movie.
6.Pajamas And Christmas Lights.
Before bed one night, head out in your pajamas (parents too) and ride around in the car looking at Christmas lights.  Surprise your children last minute!
7.Christmas Stories On CD.
Head over to your local library and check out some Christmas story audio books.  Listen to them as a family in the evening instead of watching television.  
8.Gift For Jesus.
Have your children make a gift for Jesus and put it under the tree.  Encourage them to be creative and thoughtful.
9.Christmas Music.
Play it all the time!
10.Baking Day. 
Pick a day in December to bake away!  Take tins of cookies to your neighbors with homemade tracts created by your kids.  Have them draw a picture of what Christmas is all about and why Jesus loves them.  Then copy the picture and include it with the cookies!  Most likely, your neighbors will be more willing to accept the love of Jesus from a child.
11.Family Devotions.
This year we will be reading from the My Christmas Bible Story Book.  Children look forward to Christmas all year long, but it is important to teach them the real meaning of Christmas.

12.Gingerbread House.
Assemble and decorate one as a family.  We’ve never done this, but I think this year we will!
13.Christmas Pancakes.
On Christmas Eve morning, make pancakes with green and red sprinkles in them!
14.After Christmas Blessing.
What happens to all those photos you receive from people for Christmas?  Do they get stuffed in the drawer only to collect dust?  Instead, on January 1st, pull out one per day and have your family pray for them!
Remember, don’t strive for busy moments and miss the blessings!  If your family is doing too much and it is more of a hassle and burden, slow down and just spend quality time together.  One of the best gifts you can give your children this season is your dedicated attention and love.

Traci is a curly-headed dreamer who loves her Savior, adores her best friend called Hubby, and her three children! She never knew how much she would love being at home full time with her kids, but she does (most days)! What a privilege and high calling! She loves to blog, take pictures, cook, decorate cakes, and make her home cozy and inviting! She also enjoys teaching women God’s Word through Bible studies at church and online devotions. It is her desire to glorify God through encouraging and edifying other women. It is her heart’s cry to motivate women to abide in Christ, respect their spouse, and raise their little ones to know the love of Jesus. God’s grace captivates her in such a way that she wants her life to make a difference for His glory.