Creating an Easter Beyond Colored Eggs and the Easter Bunny

Why hi there! My name is Molly and I am a new Tommy Nelson Mommy blogger. Let me introduce myself.

I’m a wife to Sean and a mom to our 4 kids, Z, E, Izaiah and Zeke. We reside in the great state of Texas and no, we don’t own a horse. I work as a blogger, blogging everything from technology to being a mom on Digital Mom Blog and Baby’s First Year on Babble.

Enough about me, let’s talk about Jesus, and how to create an Easter beyond the colored eggs and Easter Bunny.

Your Childhood Easter

Think back to your childhood. How do you remember Easter?

Growing up my parents made Easter massive. We would wake up Easter morning to find powdered Easter Bunny foot prints through out the house. After following the bunny tracks, we would find out where the Easter Bunny had left our baskets which were full of chocolate! What kid wouldn’t LOVE that? Right after finding the candy – we had to proceed to dressing up fancy and enduring church. After church, we would join our extended family to eat a nice meal that required a cloth napkin.

This is how I recall Easter as a child. It was chocolate and church, no Christ.

Those two words: enduring church – describe how my relationship with Christ was as I was growing up. I endured church since it was boring, non-relevant and stuffy. Church was the only place that really talked a lot about God. I know my mom went to bible study. My dad played on the church basketball team. They prayed with us at night. But I didn’t get it. Outside of prayer and stuffy church, Christ was “a dude on the cross” and twice a year we celebrated days around him by getting gifts.

The first few years as parents – my husband and I did just this to our kids. We created the memory of Easter as chocolate and church. It wasn’t a day to celebrate Christ’s resurrection. It was a routine of the Easter Bunny, dying Easter eggs, and then church. Some secular in Easter is fine and dandy, but what we really aimed to find was a way to keep the day holy and meaningful.

When your children think of Easter, what do you want them to think of that day as? How will you intersect the secular with Easter?

Here are 3 Activities to Help Create an Easter Beyond the Colored Eggs and Easter Bunny

1. Introduce Christ into your family’s everyday life starting NOW

Over the last few years, as our relationship with Christ grew, we wanted the same for our children. We wanted Easter and Christmas to be significant days, but not the only days where He would be mentioned. We moved God out of the church and into our home. By doing so, everyday is a continued step in an ever growing relationship with Christ.

Now, when Christmas and Easter do roll around, it’s less about the reindeer and rabbits and more about Jesus, His life, purpose, grace and sacrifice.

Don’t box Jesus in! Take Him home from church. Talk about Him openly. Let Jesus live in your home. Allow your children to get to know Him. He so much more than “a dude on the cross”.

2. Share the Easter Story

Explain what Easter is about from a biblical perspective. A great book is Read and Share: The Story of Easter. Share the story often. While Easter is celebrated in Spring, the story is something that is never dated.

3. Bake Resurrection Cookies

Resurrection cookies is a fun activity to do with your children the night before Easter. The process involves several steps with biblical verses accompanying each. The recipe ends with sealing off the oven, as Jesus was sealed in the tomb. On Easter morning, open the oven and give everyone a cookie – they are hollow, as was Jesus’ tomb. View the complete recipe here.

How will you make Easter more than colored eggs and the Easter Bunny for your family?

Share Your Tips for Making Easter Meaningful


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