Collecting Our Blessings

This month I have a very easy project for you that will encourage expressions of gratitude, both to God and to your own family members!

This is my Blessings Box:

We did this fun craft in our MOPS group a few years ago and it has been holding some precious blessings for me ever since then.

Those blessings aren’t things, but words. Words of gratitude and encouragement from friends, as well as my own words of gratitude for daily gifts from God.

Let’s start with the box:

You can purchase a plain wooden box like this one for less than $2 at a craft store. The only other supplies you will need are some fun scrapbook paper {scraps will work perfectly}, any fun embellishments you want to use such as ribbon or buttons, and Mod Podge!

A few easy peasy instructions:
*Apply a thin layer of Mod Podge on the box wherever you want to place paper or other decorations.
*When using paper, carefully apply another thin layer of Mod Podge over the top!
*Put the finished box OPEN on a shelf out of reach of the kids until completely dry so it doesn’t dry shut or get fingerprints on it!

I kept my decorations pretty simple, but it would be fun to let the kids decorate the box however they want! You want this box to be something for which the whole family is proud!

Now, for what goes in the box! Keep some small pieces of paper near the box at all times for family members to write on. You could approach what is actually written a few different ways, or change it up from month to month:

*Just have everyone write down things for which they are thankful! A few of mine included “quiet time,” “hot showers,” and the “kitchen timer!” I also wrote the date on each slip for memory’s sake. Help younger children by asking them during the day if they want to include anything in the box and write it down for them!

*Write words of thanks to other family members – someone sharing a toy, helping with a project, giving great hugs. Written thanks often have extra meaning!

*Encourage another family member – each family member needs to write a positive word or note to another family member and pick someone different each day or week!

The last component is sharing what’s in the Blessings Box! In November, it would be wonderful to save up all the thankful thoughts to be read at the Thanksgiving dinner table! During other months, you could share what is in the box once a week or once a month. I like the idea of sharing it over a meal, but it doesn’t matter when and where – just make it a special time for everyone!

Do you share gratitude with your family on a regular basis? We would love to hear how it’s done in your household! And let us know if you make a Blessings Box of your own!

Erin Mohring is a follower of Jesus Christ, a doctor’s wife, and stay-at-home mom to three lively young boys. The hubby and Erin have been blissfully married for nine years. Big J is six, Little J is almost four, and Double J just joined the fam in March of 2012! She’s learning quickly about life in the world of boys – which you can follow at Home with the Boys!