A Back-To-School List For Parents

Written by: | August 27, 2018

Earlier this summer, my kids started begging me for a kiddie pool.  We had one last year, but we hardly had a chance to use it before the dog started using it as his waterbed (true story), so I wanted to get a new one this year.   At...
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Wonder and the Gift of Perspective

Written by: | February 21, 2018

I hate to admit how long it took before I finally read the book Wonder. My two older sons had both read it and loved it, but I wasn’t finding the time to read as much as I would have liked, so it was several months later before I...
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3 Steps to Growing a Family Prayer Life

Written by: | December 18, 2017

Before I got married and had kids, I used to have dreams of sitting around as a family, possibly holding hands and praying together (cue the Kum ba ya music). I thought our family prayer life would be fruitful because I married a Godly man and we agreed that...
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5 Ways to Teach Children the Bible

Written by: | October 13, 2017

Teach children the Bible and build faith by incorporating one or more of these 5 simple activities in your home and family life. How many of us don’t teach our children the Bible because we feel ill-equipped? Several years ago, my daughter said to my husband, “Dad, I am...
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Encouraging an Active Family Lifestyle

Written by: | August 16, 2017

Encourage an active family lifestyle even if you don’t love sports or outdoor activities. These small changes can make a big impact on your family life! There was a time in our life as a family where our children didn’t want to play outside. They didn’t want to go...
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5 Fun Ways to Memorize Scripture as a Family

Written by: | August 14, 2017

We talk about God and do Bible studies regularly in our house but earlier this Summer, I realized something concerning. My kids didn’t really know scripture. Oh, they could pray and tell you how much God loves them. They could talk about Bible stories and how to apply the...
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20 of The Best Read-Aloud Books for Christian Families

Written by: | July 26, 2017

Enjoy quality time together with these 20 best read aloud books for Christian families. These stories and devotions will connect you to God and each other! Just last week, snuggled in my lap like a toddler, my eight-year old daughter listened intently as I read her yet another book...
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Using July 4th to Teach Kids about our Freedom in Christ

Written by: | July 3, 2017

Use July 4th to teach kids about our freedom in Christ with these simple talking points and Bible verses. What did freedom for our country mean? On July 4, 1776 a group of American colonists united together and declared independence from Great Britain. Trouble started between Great Britain and...
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How to Help Your Girl Find Her Place

Written by: | July 22, 2016

Several months ago I found myself very emotional about my daughter’s season of life. I wanted so badly to guide her as she navigated her way but I often didn’t know what to do or say as she sought to find her place in this world (cue the Michael...
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