A Way With Words

Written by: | December 6, 2010

samikids1 Tommy Mommy extraordinaire Sami Cone is back on the blog today to share with you! Sami works closely with the Tommy Team in helping enable the Tommy Mommyies to spread the word about Tommy Nelson. She has two kids of her...
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"Hand" Made for Christmas!

Written by: | December 3, 2010

ornamentexcerpt Today, we have Printoons creator Paula Alflen on the blog, sharing with you one of her favorite Christmas crafts! Printoons are unique characters created with your own fingerprints because no two fingerprints are alike. Children from ages 5 and up can create...
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Author Andy Andrews

Written by: | November 30, 2010

andyfam Here to share with you today is Andy Andrews, author of The Boy Who Changed the World! Andy is a best-selling author and have two kids of his own. For more information and to purchase The Boy Who Changed the World,...
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John the Baptist

Written by: | November 16, 2010

Happy Monday, everyone! We hope you had a great weekend with your family! Today, we bring you “John the Baptist,” from the Read and Share series! This week’s story also comes from Volume 1 of the Read and Share DVD Series. You can find out more and pick up...
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Responding to Disaster

Written by: | June 16, 2010

It has now been over two months since the Deepwater Horizon spill began in the Gulf of Mexico. Two months of non-stop news, unavoidable to even the smallest of ears. What do you, as a parent, have to offer your children when they turn to you with sadness over...
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