Cabin Fever and Imaginations

Winter is my least favorite season. I’m, personally, so happy to know spring is just around the corner that I’m about to bust. Maybe it’s because my family loves to be out doors and winter gives us a bit of cabin fever. And believe me, cabin fever with three boys equals chaos. There are only so many movies you can watch and video games you can play. When the wiggles get bad enough we can even tolerate mediocre weather for some time outside.

Just a few weeks ago we were stuck inside with some rainy, chilly weather. Weather that makes you just want to curl up under a blanket… unless you’re a kid, then it’s the kind of weather that starts to make them antsy, so out we went, we headed straight into the woods without a toy or video game in site, just the great outdoors.

It was only a matter of minutes until the boys found some vines hanging off of trees. They spent the next two hours doing their best Tarzan impersonations.

Their imaginations were in overdrive.

They were dodging arrows.

They were swinging over boiling lava and man eating crocodiles.

They rescued a few princesses.

They fought a few bad guys.

It was a good day. And they didn’t fight with one another one single time.

I think the reason it’s so natural for Pete and I to head outside with our children is because creation is our worship pathway. For me creation has always been my direct pathway to God. It just takes one short walk outside to connect with my heart, to really center myself back with Him. One gorgeous sunset to leave me in awe of His power. Stress and tension can fade into the background. It allows me to “Be Still” and allow myself to rest in His presence.

Worship, for me, is a very close second. I love music that fuses my spirit closer to God. Music expresses the desires of my heart. So a good run on a hiking trail with my worship playlist in my earbuds is awful close to heaven on earth for me!

I have a girlfriend who experiences God best through serving. She loves jumping in and helping when she sees a need. Her heart is full after she’s served God to the best of her ability. We have a staff spouse who’s direct connect to God is through missions. She finds herself experiencing God most while taking care of those who can’t take care of themselves.

It’s so important to know your pathway to God. To know what draws you to him with an intensity you can’t define. Knowing when you feel far away what can align you back into His presence. Your pathway can attune you to hear His voice with a clearness that brings comfort.

Will my boys develop creation as their worship pathway? That’s yet to be seen. But I love that they can combat cabin fever in a place that brings their dad and I peace. My boys don’t know it yet, but they’ll never forget that day. As time moves on and the pressures of life build, their mind will effortlessly drift to that place, to that moment, for a brief but life giving escape.

Kids. They’re a gift. Cherish every moment.

Brandi is a wife to Pete and a mom to Jett, Gage, and Brewer. Her life is truly “Brandi & Boys.” Brandi has been a pastor’s wife for almost 15 years. She and her husband planted Cross Point Church in Nashville, Tennessee in 2002. Brandi has a heart for women in ministry and co-leads a ministry for pastors’ wives at Brandi loves to be organized, but hates to clean and ice cream is her favorite food.