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As the big moon rises, the jungle settles in for the night. All around, jaguars, lemurs, and monkeys cuddle close and say, “Night night!” Bestselling author Amy Parker’s Night Night, Jungle is a delightfully fun bedtime book for little ones.

The remarkable bestselling Night Night series is moving into the jungle! Night Night, Jungle pairs the fun, rhyming text from bestselling author Amy Parker with the award-winning artwork of Virginia Allyn to help your kids wish their world “Night night!” From sleepy sloths to tired toucans, your little wild one will love the colorful art of cute animals settling in for bedtime. The jungle theme features fun and exciting illustrations of wild animals. They invite your children to say “Night night!” to each animal and to the loving God who made them.

Night Night, Jungle is the perfect bedtime book for anyone who already loves Amy Parker’s award-winning books.

With Amy Parker’s success with bedtime stories,  and the timeless appeal of jungle animals, Night Night, Jungle will delight families with small children with whimsical art and a fun, rhyming bedtime book.

With more than a million books sold, Amy Parker has become a favorite children’s author with both parents and children. Night Night, Jungle is a fun addition to family libraries and bedtime story time routines.

Text sample:

Night falls on the jungle,

And eyes shine, blinking, bright;

Let’s tip-toe in to see them all,

To tell each one, “Night night!”

  • The Night Night series has sold nearly 400,000 books
  • Amy Parker has sold more than 1 million books
  • Jungle themes are currently popular in the marketplace in toys, apparel, and home décor