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For many girls it starts early. The desire to be perfect. The need for approval. The longing for acceptance and being liked by a lot of people.

Thanks to social media, these desires now get channeled online. Girls can curate an image, build a following, and test-drive identities until they find one that draws attention and applause. But in this quest to be liked and noticed, girls often fail to feel loved and known. The result is a generation of girls who hunger for real and authentic relationships – yet are unclear on how to create them. From popular blogger and bestselling author Kari Kampakis comes a powerful book for girls in the digital age. Designed to empower teens and tweens through the Christian faith, it’s packed with godly wisdom and practical advice related to identity,friendships, social media, and a relationship with God. Topics covered include:

Living for God’s approval, not human approval;
Cultivating a true identity;
Using social media wisely;
Building a positive reputation online;
Spreading kindness, love, and compassion;
Distinguishing online friends from real friends;
Building deep connections that last;
Handling rejection, criticism, and volatile emotions;
Activating your Christian faith; and
Making an eternal difference, not a temporary splash.
For anyone exhausted by the quest to impress – and ready to rest in God’s unconditional love – Liked is the answer. Written succinctly with thought-provoking questions, it’s an ideal resource for a small group or youth group study, and a conversation-starter that will quickly unite mothers, daughters,sisters, and friends by speaking to the female heart.