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Holly Hawkins Shivers is the daughter of bestselling author O. S. Hawkins. Her first book, I Can Learn the Bible, is based on the original The Joshua Code (187,000 copies sold). This natural follow-up will help parents teach children what prayer is and how to pray.

Responding to the felt need of parents who want to help their children build a close personal relationship with God, I Can Learn to Pray will show children the importance of prayer and how to pray.

Holly Hawkins Shivers is leading by living as she teaches her children and others how to build a close relationship with God through prayer.

Through simple examples of prayers, children not only learn the importance of prayer but also how to pray—to praise, confess, pray for others, ask for help, and express gratitude. Stories about how God works through our prayers show children the power, comfort, and love they can feel through prayer. And the practice of prayer engages kids and helps them feel comfortable and confident praying.

After adapting her father O. S. Hawkins’s book The Joshua Code into a kid-friendly devotional that helps children learn and live the Scriptures in I Can Learn the Bible, Shivers takes the next step in discipleship.

These two books will work together as a solid foundation for both parents and kids for years to come.