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On a quiet street in a quiet town, a lonely little boy named Henry Hodges finds companionship in the most unlikely of places. After searching high and low for a new best friend, a pup named “Hap” transforms his boring, quiet neighborhood into a world bursting with possibilities.

Experience an off-the-wall brainstorming session by young Henry in an attempt to find the perfect pet, which will have you and your child chuckling as you flip back through the pages over and over.

Henry Hodges Needs a Friend is a heartwarming reminder that friendship can come in many forms—including the family dog!

Book Blurb:

Henry wandered outside
To his old tire swing,
Just to wonder what boredom
This new day would bring.

But his mother’s eyes twinkled.
“Don’t worry. Don’t fret.
A friend’s what you need,
So a friend’s what you’ll get!”

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