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Candy Apple Blessings is a cheery seasonal board book that explores the many reasons we love fall! It has a charming embellished cover and whimsical art. The book follows some furry animal friends as they celebrate the best parts of autumn.

Choose a pumpkin from the patch, jump in a colorful pile of leaves, or go on a hayride with friends. Candy Apple Blessings thanks God for the beautiful parts of fall that you get to enjoy together!

Candy Apple Blessings is the perfect way to celebrate all the wonderful things about fall.

Candy Apple Blessings, a seasonal board book with fun, bright art, lists the best parts of autumn. The whimsical book has rounded corners and is sprinkled with foil for extra excitement.

Customers will really love autumn-related art and the bright, eye-catching cover design embellished with foil. This board book is an attractive purchase and a fun gift for children.

Cute artwork and simple text offer a quick, easy story for families. Bright foil makes this an attractive purchase that pops off the shelves. It will make a great gift for many holidays and occasions and will bring families together to enjoy the best parts of the autumn season.