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The goal of Tommy Nelson’s Brave Girls® brand is to encourage and empower girls to grow up healthy and strong. Tommy Nelson’s Brave Girls®: Beautiful You does this by addressing the age-old struggle nearly all girls and women deal with: body image.

Beautiful You helps girls understand how beautiful they are inside and out!

Tommy Nelson’s Brave Girls® brand exists to help little girls grow up to be strong and healthy in Christ. One of the biggest issues girls face today is body image. This devotional for tween girls centers on the concepts of learning to love themselves and feeling comfortable with themselves.

This book is an important continuation and builder of the Brave Girls® brand, as well as a timeless message about positive self-esteem. Girls are bombarded everywhere they look—television, the Internet, magazines—with the world’s view of beauty, and they measure themselves against a standard that is both unrealistic and untrue.

Mothers will be thrilled to find this valuable tool as they help their daughters navigate these complicated issues with body image, and girls will grow up happy and free as they learn how to be comfortable in their own skin.