Bible Reading Tips for the New Year

Today, we have a very special lady sharing with us. Laura Minchew is the Vice President and Publisher of Specialty Books here at Tommy Nelson. She has a great plan to share with you about reading the Bible with your kids. Perfect for the start of a new year, we hope this plan with help you overcome any obstacles you have had in the past, and that you and your children can enjoy reading God’s word together!

Bible Reading Tips for the New Year

The start of a new year is the perfect time to renew a habit of daily Bible reading. This year, why not make it a family affair? As you start this critical habit, be sure to include your children. Today is the perfect time to help your kids establish the habit of spending daily time reading God’s word.

Some ideas to make it stick:
1. Give your children Bibles they can actually read and understand. Kids won’t stick with it if the text is too difficult to understand. I recommend the International Children’s Bible. The ICB is an actual translation (not a paraphrase) with a remarkably simple 3rd grade reading level.

2. Make it fun. Create a February Family Challenge. Chart on refrigerator, discuss at dinner. Little prizes and rewards. Be very intentional to make Bible reading success celebratory and not a chore.

3. Read together. Set a reading schedule so that you and your children are reading the same passages each day. You may read a longer passage, but if your child reads one of the verses, that gives you a wonderful opportunity to discuss what the passages mean for them. There are great devotionals such as Jesus Calling and Jesus Calling for Kids that cover the same passages each day for parents and adults.

4. Take your Bibles to church. Kids (and adults) will be more likely to read their Bible if it is handy. Just opening the Bible and reading along takes away the stigma of not knowing where scriptures are in the Bible and creates a familiarity with the Word.

5. Get ready to be amazed! God’s Word is living and will speak into your heart and into the hearts of your children. As you discuss passages you’ve read, your children will likely surprise you with insights as scripture is planted in open young hearts.

May the Lord bless you in the reading of His Word!