Be The Mom God Called YOU To Be

Be the Mom God Called You to BeBe honest with me, ladies. Have you ever compared yourself to other moms? I know I have. Has anything good ever come from such an act? For me, it never has. It has only led to feelings of not measuring up and frustration. The fact is that God doesn’t want us to compare ourselves. God wants you to be the mom He called YOU to be.

What hinders us from embracing our uniqueness as moms?

That nasty “i” word, otherwise known as insecurity, likes to creep up uninvited and wreak havoc on our confidence. It likes us to doubt who we are and our ability to be a good mom. There’s an answer, though, and it comes down to being able to stand on our identity, on who we are in Jesus. First and foremost, we are daughters of the Most High, of the King of Kings! We also have the awesome privilege of attaching “Mom” to our list of names, along with the many giftings that God so generously gives to each one us, a package that’s so unique to us there’s not a single copycat out there.

Now these are the gifts Christ gave to the church: the apostles, the prophets, the evangelists, and the pastors and teachers. Their responsibility is to equip God’s people to do his work and build up the church, the body of Christ. Ephesians 7:11, 12

Do you know why God gifts us with a unique package? We find the answer to this question in Ephesians.  It’s not just for ourselves. It’s for the building up of the body of Christ. We must use our giftings to their full potential in every aspect of life, including and most importantly, motherhood. Our kids need us to be the fullness of the mom God called us to be. Yes, we will have shortcomings, but we must not wish we were someone we’re not, or we will miss out on the joys of motherhood, and our kids will miss out on the privilege of having the Mom they need.

Have you ever been bold enough to tell a friend that you may or may not have compared yourself to her supermom strength? Perhaps you were surprised at a reaction that consisted of shock and admittance that she had done the same. There’s always going to be something we wish we were better at or something we wish came more natural to us. We are not perfect, nor should we aspire to be. It’s impossible for us to be a cookie cutter version of every trait we admire about other moms. That’s not God’s design for us. His design is that we walk boldly in our identity in Him, using our gifts to their fullest potential. I’m pretty sure that’s something we can all aspire to.

So what do we do when we find ourselves falling into the comparison trap, forgetting to be the Mom God called us to be?

Well, I’m reminded of what they taught us in elementary school if we ever caught on fire. STOP, DROP, and ROLL.

We must simply STOP that line of thinking.

We must DROP the lies and the comparisons.

And we must ROLL in our identity in Him.

You know how, when you make homemade pizza dough, you dust the surface with flour, plop the dough down, sprinkle more flour, and then roll it into a circle? That’s what we must do. The flour is our identity and giftings. As you roll that pizza dough out, the flour seeps in, becoming a part of the dough. Our identity needs to become such a part of us that it seeps into the deepest recesses of our being and dictates our thoughts and actions.

Thank you God for MommyThe other day I was reading Thank You, God, For Mommy, a sweet book written from the perspective of one young panda. It was a beautiful reminder of all the regular, everyday things that we do for our kids. It’s those regular, everyday things that are guiding our kids on how to live life. If we don’t embrace our uniqueness as a Mom, then it will cloud our focus and get in the way of the importance of what a Mom needs to be for her kids.

This Mother’s Day, give yourself the gift of acceptance. Live fully in the beautiful uniqueness with which God created you. We’re always going to find faults within ourselves. If we dwell on those, it will hinder one of the most important jobs we’ve been tasked with…motherhood.


What keeps you from being the unique mom God’s called you to be?

How to Embrace Your Uniqueness As A Mom

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