Helping Your Kids Express Everyday Gratitude

Written by: | September 18, 2014

Finding ways to grumble and complain is easy.  Choosing to look for ways to express gratitude can seem like one of those dreaded last chance workouts on the hit series, The Biggest Loser. Disciplining ourselves in any area takes work; whether it be eating healthier, exercising, reading our Bible...
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Raising Brave Girls In A Self-Centered World

Written by: | August 26, 2014

It’s important that we raise young girls that are brave. Bravery can take on many forms. Being brave might look like being adventurous, not caring about a particular outcome, or even pushing aside anyone that gets in our way on the path to our dreams. This isn’t the bravery...
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The Value Of Scripture and a FREE PDF Download

Written by: | June 27, 2014

Our children struggle with sin, just like we do.  It breaks my heart when they sin, but it also grieves my Heavenly Father when I do. He wants the best for me, and that requires walking in obedience.  He still loves me completely and fully.  Nothing I can do...
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