Why Dads Are Special

Written by: | June 3, 2015

Dad’s bring a special strength to the family unit.  Their presence is known.  There is a screaming void when Dads aren’t there.  Whatever your father-child relationships look like, know that there is a Father in Heaven that will never let you down.  He is a faithful Father and friend. ...
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Practical Ideas For Raising Healthy Kids

Written by: | May 15, 2015

As a mommy to three young children, I’m increasingly aware of the need to protect them. It’s wired in as soon as that little human being starts growing in our tummy.  I mean, really… think about the magnitude of that God-sized miracle! There is an overwhelming sense of responsibility...
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How Perfectionism Stunts Our Children’s Growth

Written by: | March 4, 2015

Type A Personality. First born child. Fiercely competitive. A strong-willed nature. These are just some of the things that defined me from a young age.  I was my own worst critic and perfectionism was stripping the life right out of me.  I remember practicing those endless piano scales over...
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Instilling Memories Into Our Children’s Memory Bank

Written by: | December 24, 2014

We drop quarters and dimes into pink piggy banks.  They clang and ding against its big belly.  Our children smile from ear to ear, in hopes that it will fill to the top, and they can purchase something really special.  Giving to our children, by financial means, is important;...
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52 Scriptures Every Kid Should Know

Written by: | November 5, 2014

I sat there, feet dangling off the edge of my bed.  My ruffled pajama bottoms hung past my ankles and hovered over the top of my toes. Bedtime was my favorite time with my father.  I was a young girl, maybe 3 or 4, but he made it a...
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